Significance of Holi – Happy Holi Wishes 2019

Significance of Holi

Rather being a colourful festival, various aspects of Holi makes it so significant for our lives. It ranges from Sociocultural Significance, religious Significance, biological Significance, we can quote every reason why we must heartily enjoy the Holi festival and its celebrations.

So, it’s time for Holi, please don’t hold yourself back and enjoy the festival to the hilt by participating with full enthusiasm in every small tradition related to the festival.

Mythological Significance

Holi is very special to our religion and mythology as many legends are associated with this festival.

According to Mythology, The King Named Hiranyakashyap who hates God,  wanted everybody to worship him. He is blessed with a son, Prahlad who worships only Lord Vishnu.  To Kill his son Prahlad, Hiranyakshyap asked his sister, Holika. She made Prahlada sit in her lap and entered the blazing fire. Prahlad was saved, because of his extreme devotion for the lord. While, Holika was destroyed in the fire, due to her sinister desire. The tradition of burning Holika “the Holika Dahan” comes from this instance.

Holi also celebrates in the name of divine love between Lord Krishna and Radha. It describes the delight, Krishna took in applying colour on Radha and other gopis. Later this became a trend and a part of the Holi festival.

Another reason for Holi to be celebrated as the significance of sacrifice of Lord of passion Kamadeva who risked his life to revoke Lord Shiva from meditation and save the world.

Cultural Significance

The celebration of Holi brings assurance the power of truth as the moral of the ultimate victory of good over evil. It points that the extreme devotion to God always provides shelter and shields from evil things.

It is very important to note by the modern day society, where people go for evil practices for small gains and torture one who is honest. Holi helps the people to believe in the truthfulness and honesty and also fight away the evil.

Also, Holi is celebrated at the time of the year when the fields are in full bloom and farmers are expecting a good harvest. This is a good reason why people rejoice, make merry and submerge themselves in the spirit of Holi.

Social Significance

Festivals help us to bring the society together and strengthen relations among the races in India a country of Unity in diversity. Holi is one those which help in building and strengthen the relations, even non-Hindus also like to take part in such a colourful and joyous festival.

Enemies turn friends and forget any feeling of hardship that may be present. It’s all because of festivals like Holi. People do not differentiate between rich and poor and celebrate the festival together with the spirit of brotherhood.

People exchange gifts, sweets and greetings this helps in strengthening emotional bonds between people.

Biological Significance

Our forefathers are great, who started the trend of celebrating Holi at such a scientifically right time. We must be thankful to them for incorporating so much fun at the festival.

As the body experiences tardiness,  to overcome this tardiness due to change from the cold to the heated atmosphere, people sing loudly or even speak loudly. All this helps to accelerate the system of the human body.

The liquid dye used to spray penetrates into the pores of the body and strengthens the ions in the body and adds health and beauty to it.

Holika Dahan

Yet another scientific reason for celebrating of Holi pertains to the tradition of Holika Dahan. During the mutation period of winter and spring helps the growth of bacteria in the atmosphere as well as in the body. This traditional Holika Dahan rises the temperature abnormally around 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat from the fire kills the bacteria in the body thus cleansing it.

Significance Of Holi
Significance Of Holi

Some Western Physicians and doctors believe that colours too have an important place beside the other vital elements. Deficiency of a particular colour in our body causes ailment, which can be cured only after supplementing the body that particular colour.